Prince Harry

Young Prince Harry’s favourite food is not one we expected for a 5 year old royal.


William and Harry have different tastes in cuisine nowadays, but there was one type of food they could agree on when they were young.

See what these young royal brothers ate at home with their mother, Princess Diana.

Bananas!!! Both the brothers absolutely loved bananas, especially Prince Harry, when they were young. The young royals supposedly loved any sweet treat containing this particular fruit, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for Princess Diana and her sons for four years when they were growing up.

In an interview, Darren said: “They liked comfort food dishes. They loved banana flan, anything with banana really, banana ice cream.” And the pair also supposedly loved banana and caramel cake, who can blame them?

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Prince Harry is still a huge fan of banana dishes, particularly his wife Meghan Markle’s banana bread recipe – which contains chocolate chips and ginger. During their royal tour in 2018, the Duchess took her own homemade cake for a picnic with a farming family in Dubbo, near Sydney, Australia. 

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Benita Woodley, from the Mountain View Farm, told the Daily Mail: “She [the Duchess of Sussex] said if you go to someone’s house you always bring something, so she did. She said she was worried about the bananas, that she’d put too many bananas in them. But the Duke said there’s never too many bananas.”

While William’s choice of afternoon tea snack is said to be a chocolate biscuit cake, it is likely the Duke and his wife Kate Middleton have also indulged in some delicious banana recipes from time to time. In a YouTube video, Darren recently revealed that banana bread containing raisins, dried cherries and nuts was regularly served during afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

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“I can’t tell you how many times this recipe got me out of trouble at Buckingham Palace,” he said. “Because the fruit keeps the bread moist in the refrigerator for several weeks, there are always two or three loaves in there. If a member of the royal family turned up then, oh the good old banana bread – a life-saver!”

Perhaps we’re not the only ones who have been baking copious amounts of banana bread during holidays!!!

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