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These words are NEVER spoken or used by the British royal family

royal family

We all agree that The Royal Family is not like the rest of us. They live in palaces and sprawling manors, we don’t.

The numerous differences between the royal family and their fans go far beyond the material and fiscal. 

Unsurprisingly, the Royal family has a very different way of speaking. Social anthropologist and author of Watching the English, Kate Fox, has given us a fascinating insight into the vocabulary loved by the Royals.

Specifically, there are certain words Duchess Of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry never use.


We all always think that ‘pardon’ was more polite than the alternatives. We not being royal, however, were wrong. ‘Pardon’ however, is forbidden to use. Instead, The Royals say, you should say ‘SORRY‘ or maybe ‘sorry, what?

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The word ‘toilet’ may be a more palatable term than ‘bog’ or ‘loo’. But it’s the latter that is used whenever a member of the House of Windsor needs to relieve themselves. According to the British Royal Family ‘Toilet’ is French by origin, so is apparently avoided. So, if you’re ever visiting Buckingham Palace, you should probably ask the nearest footman where the LOO is?

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Complimenting or commenting on someone on how they smell is tricky. There is a fine line between coming across simply as nice, or just plain weird. Unfortunately, the Royal’s do not prefer the word perfume. The Royals do not wear perfume, they wear ‘SCENT‘.

  • TEA

One surefire way of outing yourself as being decidedly and precisely un-royal is to refer to your evening meal as ‘tea’. The Royal Family uses the word ‘SUPPER‘ instead of tea.

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The palaces have many rooms, but not one of them is a ‘LOUNGE’, or a ‘LIVING ROOM’. This isn’t because the Royals do not watch movies or play cards for fun. It may be a lounge for us, but that’s not what the Royal Family call it. Instead, it’s because they retire to either a ‘DRAWING ROOM‘ or a ‘SITTING ROOM‘.

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