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Royal fans can’t stop obsessing over Prince William’s yoga moves


Prince William showed off some impressive yoga moves in the past before he took part in a charity polo match.

Who knew Prince William was so flexible and could do yoga so well?

The Duke of Cambridge was seen pulling out all the yoga poses before a charity polo match at Coworth Park Polo Club back in the year 2016. Prince William was taking part in Audi’s Polo Challenge along with professional polo players Luke and Mark Tomlinson and William Melville-Smith, People reports.

Under the watchful eye of a professional, William struck a number of poses with his teammates wearing a blue shirt and his white polo jeans. He also ditched his shoes, revealing his dark socks.

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge warms up before taking part in the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park Polo Club on May 28, 2016, in Ascot, England. Here’s The Duke in action along with made-up yoga poses we assume he was channelling. 

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Among the stretches William tried out was the cat-cow pose, which stretches the spine and prepares the body for activity, as well as some general quad and hamstring, stretches to prepare for the match.

It’s not known what prior experience William has with yoga, but one thing is sure – his wife Kate Middleton is sure to approve. Before Prince George was born in 2013, Kate prepared with some prenatal yoga sessions and continued to do yoga once their firstborn made his entrance.

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In the above pictures, both brothers were taking part in several matches to raise money for 17 organizations they support, including Sentebale. It’s a charity Prince Harry set up in 2006 in memory of his late mother Princess Diana.

The charity aims to help children and vulnerable young people in the African country of Lesotho. Both the brothers have raised almost $19.9million through various polo tournaments since 2007.

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