Prince William

Prince William showed the first glimpse of his short new hairstyle.


Prince William just got a new hairstyle added to his list of royal hairstyles. A thing you all should know, the crown would still look great with the short-hair new look.

Our heartiest congratulations to the Duke of Cambridge, William, who just entered the shaved heads club.

On this week’s Thursday, Prince William who is second in line to the British throne stepped out with a newly shaved head. William was seen helping the launch of a ‘Step Into Health’ program at the Evelina, London Children’s Hospital in Lambeth.

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There, Prince William met with of a few families of patients, former vets, and the staff in support of a new program. A program that helps people find work in the National Health Services.

William’s new hairstyle makes it easier to imagine a crown resting on that shiny head.

The Imperial State Crown is one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom which symbolises the sovereignty of the British monarch. The crown is adorned and made with about 2,901 precious stones.

It also includes various and precious stones and gems. Some of them are the Cullinan II diamond, St Edward’s Sapphire and the Black Prince’s Ruby.

Did you all know that the Prince William’s ‘buzz-cut’ is brand new and is the new fashion these days?

It certainly happened in few hours, seeing as he was still sporting his old hairstyle on this Tuesday. It was at the time when he and his wife, Kate who always has fantastic hair, attended a royal engagement in Coventry.

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It’s quite a big step for Prince William. Our sources tell us that he once even joked about having such short hair. It was while meeting with hairdressers for a royal event. he said: “I don’t really have much hair, so I can’t give you much business”.