Kate Middleton Prince William

Prince William confirmed this claim about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.


After months of speculation, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy news has been finally revealed. It’s pretty exciting one. Prince William recently confirmed the news.

How did he do that? Read further to know more about it.

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While attending the Centrepoint Awards held at Kensington Place, the Duke of Cambridge, William said he is indeed glad that his wife, Kate is not having twins. Why? Well, because his then mental health will be put to test.

It was the Thursday evening when Prince William opened up about his third child which is due in April.

“I am getting as much sleep as I can these days. And of course, you all know why?”.

In discussing the prospect of having twins, William said: “Twins? I think my mental health would be tested with the twins. You know what I think? Well, I guess two is just fine. I don’t know how I’m going to cope up and match up with three. I am going to be permanently tired”.


What was the whole event about?

The Duke of Cambridge, William was hosting the annual event in his role as the patron of Centrepoint. It’s a homelessness charity that earlier his mother, Princess Diana supported. Talking about the event Prince William said:

“However, for me, tonight is the night of sharply mix-matched and contrasting emotions. Soon, the Centrepoint will be 50 years old. I truly feel immense pride and pleasure in all the work and results Centrepoint has accomplished in that time. But, with it, a pinch of disappointment and frustration”.

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“Must be wondering why such feelings? Well, all this because still, one of the most prosperous countries in the world, homelessness is yet putting the lives and futures of our young people at a high risk”.