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What is Prince William’s favourite alcoholic drink?


At the end of a week’s work and after parenting three children, William and Kate unwind with a cold alcoholic drink.

With stringent rules, however, the royals are still allowed to drink alcohol, in moderation.

But what do the royal couple prefer to drink? Are they red or white wine fans, beer drinkers or do Duchess Kate and Prince William enjoy a cheeky G&T? The couple occasionally ventures to the local pub, the White Eagle, where William enjoys a pint of local bitter and Kate indulges in a glass of white wine, but mostly they stay in while enjoying a drink.

Graham Nordin, director of wine experience at Mission Hill Winery, told Travel + Leisure that Kate and William “really enjoyed the Oculus” and even took a few bottles home to share with family and friends. He also added that the royal couple is Merlot drinkers.

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Both Kate and William are said to enjoy their wine, and according to Vanity Fair, the Duchess particularly likes white wine.

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Prince William is a royal, but he’s a pretty typical Brit in many ways. This includes his love for football and beer. It’s not unusual for him to be seen sharing a beer with some of his close friends to chat about the beloved sport. He’s been using his love of football recently to bring attention to a cause near and dear to his heart: men’s mental health. 

His grandmother, the Queen, doesn’t just enjoy a beer from time to time, she also enjoys cocktails and wine. The queen’s former chef, Darren McGrady told that her favourite drink is a gin and Dubonnet and she also enjoys a glass of German wine.

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Prince William and Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall, both enjoy wine. Camilla grew up drinking wine as a child “rather like the French,” she said and is even the president of the UK’s Vineyard Association.

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