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Video: Watch this adorable unearthed clip of Prince William helping Princess Diana with her makeup


Royal fans are loving a sweet video of Princess Diana with Prince William, which has recently been shared online.

Watch the young royal help his mom, Diana, get ready for a family photo-shoot.

Such a beautiful mother-son moment. The unearthed short video presents three-year-old Prince William helping his mother re-do her makeup. The young prince affectionately dabs her face with a powder pad. The duo was getting ready to take part in a family photo-shoot with Prince Charles and one-year-old Prince Harry in 1985. Diana, donning a pale blue polka dot dress, sweetly wrinkles her nose up at her eldest son before smiling at him, as William focuses on reapplying his mum’s makeup.

One royal fan commented on the clip: “So precious,” while another said: “Beautiful so cute”. There were many other fans who reacted with heart-shaped emojis. The formal photos from the shoot, taken by Tim Graham, show royal brothers William and Harry perched at a piano in Charles and Diana’s Kensington Palace apartment.

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In one frame, Diana stares adoringly at her young sons, as they smile at their father, occupying the other side of the camera.

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Prince Charles and Diana Spencer married at St Paul’s Cathedral on 29 July 1981 after a brief engagement. The couple welcomed their first child Prince William in 1982, followed by Prince Harry in 1984. But after a few years, their marriage broke down. Following which Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated in 1992, with their divorce settled in 1996. Princess Diana was unusually killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997, rising in an overflow of public grief in the UK and worldwide.

This lovely period in royal history has re-emerged and become culturally prominent once again. All thanks largely to the recently-concluded fourth season of The Crown. The series which takes place in the ’80s and devotes notable screen time to Diana’s uneasy relationship with Prince Charles.

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There’s also been renewed attention in Diana’s 1995 televised interview with Panorama after a report in the Sunday Times alleged that journalist Martin Bashir used fake bank statements to persuade Diana to participate.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry have helped to maintain Diana’s charitable legacy. They continue to highlight concerns such as homelessness, reducing the stigma around HIV and AIDS, and her campaign against landmines.

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