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The Internet can’t get over this video of Prince William being scolded by the Queen


You might be a royal prince, but that’s certainly not enough to save you from a scolding from your grandmother, the Queen.

Prince William might be next in line to the throne, but Queen Elizabeth was the real boss for almost 70 years. 

Even Prince Harry used to call her ‘the boss’, well, now we know why. This hilarious moment took place when the royal family was observing the Trooping of Colour ceremony on the balcony of Buckingham Palace a few years back.

Prince William was crouching down beside Prince George talking to him. It was then his grandmother (in a very green suit), asked him to stand up. The Queen is known for the perfect decorum and discipline she upholds wherever she goes. A sheepish William stood up immediately, while his son rounded off the moment with a facepalm.

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There you go, that’s the future king being scolded. You can watch the entire incident here

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Prince William was definitely not amused after the incident that took place at Buckingham Palace recently. But thanks to this hilarious video, the rest of us certainly are entertained. Take a look above to see what we mean.

To truly appreciate this amazingness, you need a little bit of set-up: The royals attended the Trooping the Colour parade in 2016. It was also where Princess Charlotte also made her first public appearance/debut.

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This video of the family, including Prince William and Queen Elizabeth in her lime green best, together on the balcony at Buckingham Palace has been making headlines for quite some time.

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