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Video: Watch Meghan Markle’s first curtsy to the Queen


Meghan Markle revealed Prince Harry taught her to curtsy literally just before meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Meghan spoke about the moment she met the Queen for the first time.

The royal moment was captured on Christmas Day in 2017. Meghan Markle candidly went ahead and talked about the day she met Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Reliving, the moment she met the monarch for the first time at The Royal Lodge in Windsor, Meghan shared her surprise when she learnt she had to quickly perfect the art of curtsying.

“Right in front of the house we practised and ran in,” she recalled. “Fergie ran out and said, ‘Do you know how to curtsy?’ Apparently, I did a very deep curtsy, I don’t remember it, and then we sat there, and we chatted.”

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“There wasn’t actually a huge formality the first time I met Her Majesty the Queen,” Meghan said, emphasising that she and Harry “were going to lunch at Royal Lodge, which is where some other members of the family live.” Turns out the Queen was “finishing a church service there in Windsor, so she was gonna be at the house.”

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The problem? Harry asked Meghan if she knew how to curtsy on their way there and she…did not. Which, is understandable! Who the hell knows how to curtsy? “I thought that was what happens outside,” she said. “I said, ‘But it’s your grandmother.’” Harry responded, “It’s the Queen,” and that’s when Meghan knew things were different in his family.

Meghan said she learned how to curtsy right before meeting the Queen, saying, “I learned it very quickly right in front of the house,” and that Harry and Princess Eugenie taught her. “We went in and I met her, and apparently, I did a very deep curtsy,” she said. “I don’t remember it.… And then we sat there and we chatted and it was lovely and easy.”

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Meghan also stressed later in the interview that her relationship with the Queen was always been great, saying, “The Queen, for example, has always been wonderful to me.” While that particular meeting was private, cameras caught the moment Meghan curtsied to the Queen for the first time in public during her first Christmas with the royal family in December 2017.

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