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Video: Prince Harry’s response to a kid stealing his popcorn is perfect


In 2018, a toddler with her playful nature gave us a little insight into what Prince Harry would be as a father.

The toddler committed what was probably the most daring crime of her life. 

Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry to most) visited Canada in 2018. He was scheduled to attend an Invictus match on 28th September. According to the plan on the 28th night, he attended the UK vs Denmark match at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto.

A keen-eyed fan found someone stealing his meal – simply, this young one is a royal jewel thief in training. The perpetrator was Emily Henson, the daughter of Invictus athlete David HensonHenson, a retired army captain, was wounded while serving in Afghanistan in 2011 by when an IED blasted, costing him both of his legs.

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Seated comfortably on her mother’s lap Hayley Henson, young Emily makes her move. All this was happening when Prince Harry was looking elsewhere. Prince Harry, a generous person, seems not to mind when he catches Emily red-handed.

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Prince Harry had fun playing with his friend’s young daughter after catching her stealing his popcorn during the Invictus Games. Emily Henson, aged just two, made a play for the Prince’s popcorn as she sat next to the royal during the wheelchair volleyball.

She managed to sneak several handfuls of his snack before he caught her in the act. He responded by jokingly taking his popcorn away before relenting and allowing her to share it with him. He helped entertain the young girl for the rest of the game, pulling faces and admiring her toy.

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The toddler is the daughter of David Henson, a former Invictus athlete and Paralympian, who won a bronze medal in the 200m at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. The former royal engineer became friends with the Prince after he captained the first UK Invictus Games Team in London in 2014.

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