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Duchess Kate reveals her unusual school nickname


Duchess Kate might be one of the most famous women in the world, but we still don’t know much about her.

It has been revealed that Kate had a slightly unusual nickname given to her as a schoolgirl by her fellow classmates.

The royal was actually named after one of the class guinea pigs! The royal shared her secret moniker while on her current trip. She confessed that she was known as ‘Squeak’ while at the school, which was in fact a nod to one of the class guinea pigs.

“There was one called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was called Squeak,” the Duchess revealed. ‘Squeak’ isn’t Kate’s only nickname. Prince William has been heard referring to her as “darling” and “poppet” in the past.

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And despite being born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, she is also happy to go by Kate. “Miss Middleton uses both names equally, and she has never expressed a preference for either Catherine or Kate since her engagement to Prince William,” a statement on the official royal wedding official confirmed, prior to her marriage to William.

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“Catherine is the name that Miss Middleton grew up with, in her family, and Kate is the name that she tends to use in a work context”.

Prince William has also had a series of nicknames. His mother, Princess Diana, used to affectionately refer to him as ‘Wombat’. “It began when I was two,” he later explained.

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“I’ve been rightfully told because I can’t remember back that far. But when we went to Australia with our parents, and the wombat, you know, that’s the local animal.” Meanwhile, during his time studying at the University of St Andrews, William was known as ‘Steve’ to help keep a low profile and avoid any unwanted attention.

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