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The clever trick Prince Charles used to get his sons to smile during photoshoots

Prince Charles

It’s never an easy task to get your children to smile for photographs – and Prince Charles’ sons were no different.

But luckily for photographers, Prince Charles used to have a genius way of making his sons, William and Harry, giggle during official portrait sessions.

An image taken in October 1985 shows Charles adorably playing peek-a-boo with his children. The results are priceless – super cute photos of William stifling his laughter while his brother Harry chuckles.

Prince Charles was helping photographer Tim Graham at the home shoot, which took place at Kensington Palace not long after Harry’s first birthday celebration. Prince William at that time was aged three. Seeing a very relaxed and on furlough Prince Charles was a sweet change to the convention of his open appearances.

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The photographs captured in the 1980s indicated William and Harry tinkling with the ivories while their mum Princess Diana watched them with pride. Other photos indicated the royal siblings sitting on rocking horses, while the best one was of William helping Harry walk. Diana was captured playing a game with her firstborn.

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Princess Diana, as a mother: The late Princess, Diana, was very much adamant. She wanted that William and Harry should have a normal childhood. Both the young kids studied at Jane Mynors’ nursery school and the pre-preliminary Wetherby School, and instead of following in the royal family’s convention to send their kids to Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland, Charles and Diana selected nearby Eton.

The Princess additionally ensured that her kids had comparable encounters with different youngsters of their age. She would often take them to McDonald’s and Disney World and let them play computer games. Royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked for Diana for a long time until her demise in 1997, has earlier given a piece of knowledge on her kids’ mealtimes.

Talking about Diana as a mother, Darren revealed to The Royal UK: “She wasn’t strict in any way. She let them be young kids, little youngsters! There was a constant fight between her and Nanny. The babysitter would state, ‘No, they’re having their dinner, they’re having cabbage.

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And, the Princess would say, ‘No, off the chance when they’re with me and they need stacked potato skins and singed chicken then they can have that. And if they don’t eat it and they still want pudding, they can have that too!’ She was much more relaxed than Nanny.”

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