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3 life lessons Duchess Kate, Meghan and other royal ladies can learn from the Queen


Apart from sharing military etiquettes, it seems Her Majesty bestowed some valuable life lessons upon the ladies of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration to people all around the world.

Icon, hero and grandmother; Queen Elizabeth II was one of the most important figures of the last century and she continued to inspire people globally until her last breath. In the process, she also inspired the royal ladies of her family with her word and advice. She has some important advice for all. Here are the most important pieces of advice for the royal ladies.

The Queen’s tip 1 – Don’t rush: Countess of Wessex, Sophie, told The Royal UK that she has chosen a relatively slower pace of life since heeding her mother-in-law’s advice. She further explained: “It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are – just carry on. In my early days, I used to hurry up as quickly as I could. But when you observed the Queen, she did things in such a calculative way. I hope I’ve learnt to try not to bounce into the room, but do things in a somewhat more elegant manner.”

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The Queen’s tip 2 – Talk meaningfully: Queen Elizabeth mastered the art of communicating meaningfully. Learnt from the best, Meghan Markle now vows to show a genuine interest in everyone she meets and make them feel good.

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Pointing out this habit Meghan Markle said: “It’s difficult to make people feel that the conversation you’ve had with them was worthwhile, but the Queen was very good at that. She made everyone feel pretty special”. How lovely! 

The Queen’s tip 3 – Be reliable: Duchess Catherine never lets anyone down because she values the Queen’s strong sense of duty. “The Queen would never let anybody down, and that means that you feel the same way.
Because there’s that part of her which I’m sure is like the proverbial stick of rock: if you cut her, the word “service” would just run through her”, Kate said.

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Lessons to live by are not the only things, all the three beautiful royal ladies have something or the other in common with The Queen. Duchess Kate, Meghan Markle and Sophie are also apparently in tune with the Queen’s sense of style.

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