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How the Queen went to extreme lengths to shield her grandsons after Diana’s death?

Despite the public scrutiny, Queen Elizabeth made Prince William and Harry her number one priority. Even after 23 years, some critics still continue to condemn the way Queen Elizabeth handled the situation after Princess Diana’s death. A few of them, even allege she made a snide remark upon hearing the news. The tragedy that took …

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Everything inside the Royal Family kitchen.

Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady reveals things happening inside the Royal Kitchen. For a chef, inside the Royal kitchen was the most nerve-racking culinary performance of his career. McGrady started in 1982 when he was 20, the most junior of 20 cooks in the Buckingham Palace kitchens. Although he had already risen to chef …

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Let’s bask in the glory these photos of Queen Elizabeth driving a car

Queen Elizabeth drove full speed ahead into our hearts earlier last week when she was spotted driving around in her Jaguar.  So what better way to cruise into the weekend than by taking a drive down memory lane? We learned that while there is one particular month you might be more likely to spot her …