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Prince Charles The Royal Family

How Queen mother played a very important role in Prince Charles’ life according Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth revealed her son, Prince Charles’, close bond with his grandmother, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. She said “Queen mother was, quite simply, the most magical grandmother for Prince Charles. During the televised message in the year 2002, which was broadcast around the UK, the future king fought back tears after the death of his …

Queen Mother
Prince Charles The Royal Family

The Queen Mother didn’t allow Diana’s name mentioned after marriage to Prince Charles ended

When Prince Charles’ marriage ended, the Queen mother never allowed Diana’s name to be uttered in her presence again… Prince Charles was the Queen Mother’s most cherished grandchild. An all-time loyal assistant of, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother has revealed how she refused and denied to let Diana’s name be mentioned in public …