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The woman who TURNED DOWN Prince Charles’ proposal REVEALED

The royal house of Windsor revealed in a dramatic fashion that Prince Charles tried to avoid replicating Edward VIII’s romantic mistakes. According to the report, it followed Lord Mountbatten as he acted as Charles’ kingmaker and matchmaker.  In a photo album filmed for the first time on television, the woman who turned down Prince Charles’ …

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Princess Diana’s extensive wardrobe on display at Kensington Palace !

Kensington Palace announced this Sunday that a new exhibit featuring Princess Diana’s extensive and fashionable wardrobe will go on display this August 14. It has been titled as “Diana: Her Fashion Story,” the show was to be held to celebrate Princess Diana’s life, 20 years after her death in August 1997. According to a press …

Queen Mother
Prince Charles The Royal Family

The Queen Mother didn’t allow Diana’s name mentioned after marriage to Prince Charles ended

When Prince Charles’ marriage ended, the Queen mother never allowed Diana’s name to be uttered in her presence again… Prince Charles was the Queen Mother’s most cherished grandchild. An all-time loyal assistant of, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother has revealed how she refused and denied to let Diana’s name be mentioned in public …