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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth United Kingdom

Shocked: Queen Elizabeth couldn’t hide her deep emotions.

We all should be celebrating right now, but the nation is sombre: Queen’s emotional birthday message Queen Elizabeth has urged the nation to remain strong in the “face of adversity” following the recent tragedies in London and Manchester. There was a blast in Manchester Arena last month followed by fire in a building this month. …

Whilst at the hospital in Manchester, The Queen spoke to 12-year-old Amy Barlow, from Rawtenstall, and her mum, Kathy.
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The Queen visited Manchester to meet staff, victims and families of those involved in the attack.

At Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Queen Elizabeth met nursing staff, paediatric doctors and surgeons and thanked them for their hard work over the last few days. During the visit Queen Elizabeth spoke to a number of victims and their families. This included Millie Robson, aged 15, from County Durham, Evie Mills, aged 14, from Harrogate, …