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Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth

Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth – An untold love story.

The love affair and the strong bond between Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Elizabeth Windsor stretch back more than 7 decades.  It started in 1939 when they first met as teenagers and became good friends. On 10th June 2020, Prince Philip celebrated his 99th birthday anniversary. Former Buckingham Palace press secretary, Dickie Arbiter said that the …

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth

Why Queen Elizabeth might not attend Prince Harry’s wedding?

Prince Harry’s wedding will be the most memorable day of his life, but unfortunately, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, might not be present. The Urbancult is reporting that Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to tie a knot on May 19th, 2018. The announcement was made soon after Queen celebrated her 70th marriage anniversary. Many …