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Only 14% Britons want Camilla to be the Queen: Charles’ image suffer as world remembers Diana.

Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla are going to have a tough few weeks ahead of them. As the 23rd death anniversary of Prince Charles’ ex-wife, Princess Diana, looms in 14 days, he was reminded that the negative legacy of that awful moments is still being felt. Apparently, a poll by the British …

Princess Diana

Shocking details about what happened in the seven days after Princess Diana’s death.

A documentary released makes an astounding claim about the Queen’s reaction to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash. After hearing the news, the Queen said ‘I think someone must have “greased the breaks” on Princess Diana’s car. Queen Elizabeth’s eyebrow-raising greatly highlights her complicated and problem-ed relationship with Princess Diana. A source revealed the queen saw …