Prince Harry

Here’s an unearthed cute photo of a teen Prince Harry hanging out with the Spice Girls

Prince Harry

In the retro snap, 13-year-old the future Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, can be seen with his father Prince Charles.

Back in 1997, Prince Harry made his first public appearance, after Diana’s death, in Johannesburg.

A promotion at work, cute puppies, a lottery win—nope, nothing in this world will make you happier today than an old-school photo shared by Geri Horner (formerly Geri Halliwell) of Prince Harry hanging out with the Spice Girls back in 1997. The trip would have taken place just a few months after Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana and the Spice Girls were on hand to make it all a bit easier for him.

Knowing that this is a young boy going through an unimaginably tragic time, it’s comforting to see Harry grinning from ear to ear while backstage at a Spice Girls shows, with his father. He looks SO happy while holding hands with Baby and Posh in the picture, which was posted to Instagram by Horner with the caption “Awh bless.”

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Going on a trip down memory lane over the weekend, Geri Horner took to her Instagram account to unearth a photo from their meeting. In the picture, Harry looked smart dressed in a suit, and very pleased to be standing between Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham, whose hand he held as they posed for the camera. “Awh bless @emmaleebunton @victoriabeckham,” Geri captioned the photo.

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Fans adored the throwback photo and were quick to comment on it. “What a lovely picture,” one wrote, while another said: “Posh is smiling!” A third added: “Amazing that Posh many years later was a guest at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding!” Also in attendance, that evening was Prince Charles and Thabo Mbeki. The photo was poignantly posted the day before what would have been Princess Diana’s 57th birthday.

There’s so much to take in here. Where do I even start? Is Harry being the cutest of all time ever in his giant tie? Emma’s excellent bangs, braids and bright green mini dress? Victoria’s three-piece white trouser suit and super-rare teeth smile casually flirting with Prince Charles? Is this real life?

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And the whole thing becomes even more magical when you remember that Victoria Beckham and her husband David were guests at the recent royal wedding of Meghan Markle. That’s the circle of life, right there.

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