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Who spend more money on clothes? Duchess Kate or Meghan?


The clothes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is always a hot topic in the media. 

The public eyes are always on both the Duchesses, Kate and Meghan, and the clothes they wear on official events. Both of them usually end up in the media for what they wear.

Both Duchesses have impeccable taste in fashion and know how to look beyond beautiful on the royal events. We can ask a question, who spend more money on clothes, Kate or Meghan? What do you think? If you want to find out, continue reading this article.

How much does Kate Middleton spend on clothes?

As per some reports in 2018, Kate Middleton wore new garments worth $85,097. It is substantially less than what she spent in 2017. In the year 2017, she spent $130,000 in totality. This amount of money is unquestionably beyond what a normal lady in 21 century can bear to spend on garments in years, however, we are talking about the going to be Queen of the United Kingdom. The explanation behind an extravagant difference in years is that Kate Middleton was on maternity leave in 2018, and she didn’t go to the majority of royal events.

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How much does Meghan Markle spend on clothes?

If at all you believed that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, is spending an enormous amount of cash on new clothes, you are absolutely wrong. Duchess of Sussex spent five times more as compared to Kate Middleton in 2018. In total Meghan Markle, spent around $509,278.

We should write in the defence of Meghan Markle as she is the newest royal bride in the royal family. She had to change and adjust her entire wardrobe according to the royal standards. Furthermore, Kate Middleton has all the clothes that can be reused and Meghan Markle doesn’t have any. Meghan Markle additionally needed clothes for pregnant ladies because a couple of months after the wedding she was pregnant. So its completely safe to say that she was forced to spend that amount of money.

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We know without a doubt that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are a big fan of Zara and H&M, and they do not wear designer clothes throughout the day. Ordinarily, paparazzi got Kate Middleton in stores where ordinary citizens go, where she purchases clothes at a reasonable price.

For the nearly ten years how much is in the royal family Kate Middleton has been reusing a lot of clothes from her closet. She is modest and very down to earth because of which we love her that much. Meghan Markle is going a similar way. Meghan Markle doesn’t hire any beautician for her appearances, and she generally does all the make-up herself.

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