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Meghan Markle is rarely seen without these sentimental rings – here’s why

Meghan Markl

Meghan Markle’s stunning engagement ring and wedding band are her most special pieces of jewellery on display.

Meghan Markle is sometimes seen wearing some other items that appear to be very sentimental to her. 

Since she is rarely seen without them, we believe that they must be very special to her. The fine bands worn on her right-hand index finger and thumb are certainly some of her favourites, so we’ve done some digging to find out the story behind them!

Meghan has actually been wearing a number of these delicate rings since she starred as Rachel Zane on Suits – in shots captured from season seven of the show, her character can be seen wearing the subtle bands across her fingers.

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And, looking back on photographs from Harry and Meghan’s early public appearances as a couple, the former actress can be seen wearing them then, too. Could they be a memento from her former career?

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Sweetly, the Duchess has continued to wear them throughout her royal duties (when they were active) – despite having gained a number of new pieces, including stunning items from the Queen and the late Princess Diana’s collection.

Various pictures from the royal couple’s various public engagements (while they were working as active royals) show Meghan wearing her favourite rings in a number of ways, from a line of three across her fingers to just one on her index finger and opposite thumb.

One snap from Meghan’s former Instagram account also sees her modelling the pretty rings as she tucks into a healthy salad, so they have clearly been an everyday choice for some time now.

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And while it’s not known where Meghan got the subtle accessories, we’re sure she’s sparked plenty of copycat looks. How do you wear yours?

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