Prince George

Ever wondered what last name Prince George might be using at his school?


To say, technically it’s just about a name. But, for Prince George, it’s quite an important thing, actually!

Prince George started his school in 2017 for $23,000 a year at Thomas’s Battersea.

The school is a quick drive from his London home at Kensington Palace. Prince George is surely the school’s most famous student. The former headmaster of the school says that he’ll be “just another pupil”. This also means that his classmates won’t be addressing him by his ‘Royal Title’.

Just like a normal school going kid, he will simply be known as “George” to his peers. There will be no “Your Royal Highness” in the classroom or anywhere in the school. But then, when it comes to the matter of his last name, things are a bit trickier.

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The origin: Technically, the Royal Family’s Royal last name is Mountbatten-Windsor. They became the House of Windsor in 1917. This switch was prompted by anti-German feelings in the United Kingdom following World War I.

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Britain’s Prince George accompanied by Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school at Thomas’s school on September 7, 2017, in southwest London.

So, they changed their name to more English Windsor. The British Royal Family became the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Albert was German, so the name did have German roots.

The addition of Prince Philip to the Royal Family brought another name change. It was an addition to Mountbatten. It was the last name he adopted after giving up his title of Prince of Greece and Denmark.

This name belongs to Philip’s maternal grandparents. However, all of this didn’t change the name of the House of Windsor. But rather, just the surnames that in-house would use when they weren’t using the style of His or Her Royal Highness.

However, that is technically the Royal Family’s last name. But it’s rarely the name. members of the family use in day-to-day life. For example, Prince William and Prince Harry went by William Wales and Harry Wales during their own school days. Why? Because their father, Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales. It’s like paying homage to their father’s title.

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So now, the question is what will Prince George do? ‘Wales’ might make some sense, as that’s what his dad did. Especially because, most likely, Prince George’s own father will be the Prince of Wales himself one day. But William has a title of his own. That is ‘Duke of Cambridge’.

Just as Prince William took his last name from his father’s title, so will George and will be George Cambridge’ in his school records also to his peers and teachers.

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