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Meghan Markle’s intense SAS anti-kidnap training revealed


Before marriage, Meghan Markle signed up for a gruelling personal protection course also known as the SAS training course.

It’s the same one, Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law, Kate, took part in when she became a member of the family.

The Duchess of Sussex was put on a special two-day SAS security training course to help prepare her for any difficult situations and hostage attempts. Meghan took part in a staged kidnapping, where she was bundled up in a car by a ‘terrorist,’ taken to a different location, and then ‘saved’ by officers firing fake guns (the kind used in Hollywood films) for realism.”

During the mock kidnapping, Meghan was taught to develop a relationship with the enemy. She was also instructed on how to drive a car while in pursuit.”

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Although Kate’s training took part after her 2011 wedding, Meghan was forced to undergo the course – led by the British Army’s most elite regiment – as both she and Prince Harry received an “unusually high number of threats”.

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The training, which all royals apart from the Queen have completed, teaches key survival skills such as noticing anything unusual in your surroundings, driving under pressure and passing on coded messages. It is routine for royals, other VIPs and people working in dangerous countries.

It’s been previously reported that Prince William took the course aged 16, was taught how to handle a submachine gun and was bundled into a car in a mock ambush.

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The demanding exercises are said to be designed “to frighten the life out of anyone,” reports The Sun. According to former Army intelligence officer Gerald Moor, the training would have no doubt been “the toughest, provided by the Army’s finest… who have done everything imaginable during service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland”.

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