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The royal secret: Prince Philip’s biggest sacrifice for the Queen.


Prince Philip, throughout his career, has made many sacrifices for the Queen and the people of the UK.

But, what has been Prince Philip’s biggest sacrifice for the Queen?

The Duke of Edinburgh made a huge sacrifice when he chose to spend a lifetime by the side of the Queen, according to Queen Elizabeth herself. The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip vowed to act as Queen Elizabeth’s “eyes and ears” when he married the soon-to-be-monarch 70 years ago on November 20, 1947.

But Prince Philip had in fact hoped to enjoy life overseas in high command for the Royal Navy before his Royal duties got in the way. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam told The Royal UK: “Prince Philip would have far preferred a naval career than to be in a supporting role”.

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Prince Philip joined the Navy from school in 1939 aged 18 and went on to serve with distinction in the Mediterranean. He also saw battle in the Second World War. Many Royal insiders tipped him to go all the way in and become its chief or First Sea Lord.

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But he resigned as a commander in 1951 when it became clear his father-in-law, King George VI was in ill-health. He was formally made a British Prince in 1957 by his wife, Elizabeth. This was after he became Baron Greenwich, Earl of Merioneth and Duke of Edinburgh just before his Royal wedding to the Queen.

Richard further added “Indeed, Prince Philip had to wait until his 90th birthday in 2011 before becoming the titular head of the Royal Navy. It was then that Queen Elizabeth appointed him to the symbolic title of Lord High Admiral. It acts as thanks for his lifetime of dedication and in recognition of how he had sacrificed his naval career”.  
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“But after the death of his father-in-law, Philip threw himself into Royal life to overcome the disappointment of the premature loss of his professional career. Dynamic and impatient, Philip had a temperament not suited to live life in a secondary role”.“He has indeed managed it with panache, which helps him keep sane with so many Royal duties. Their marriage of 70 years is indeed a remarkable partnership. Our Queen is a person of equable temperament, and Prince Philip is far more impatient and dynamic.

“It is indeed impossible not to appreciate the scale of his achievements”.