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Watch this hilarious video of Queen Elizabeth running to save a young Prince William

Prince William

The Queen who was the head of the British monarchy and the head of the Commonwealth, was also a  grandmother to Prince William, Harry and others .

Fans are re-sharing an old video of Queen Elizabeth running after Prince William to protect him from any harm.

An old video of Queen Elizabeth has resurfaced on Instagram via @theroyaluk, our official Instagram account, and it shows just what a doting grandmother she was, as she runs alongside a four-year-old Prince William.

The video clip was taken at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding in 1986. The footage shows a regal horse-drawn carriage carrying the royal couple and guests following them behind to wish them well on their honeymoon.

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The Queen is sporting a powder blue dress and coat combo with a matching hat and she is captured doing an ambitious run to keep up with her energetic grandson. We’re very impressed that she managed it in heels, too. Fans rushed to the comments section of the Instagram post to post comments like “cute” and lots of love heart emojis. 

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As the UK prepares to pay their last respect to Queen Elizabeth, royal fans are posting heart-touching videos and photos of the monarch on social media.

A YouTuber, who keeps a close eye on matters related to the British royal family, shared a throwback video of the Queen which shows her running after Prince William to ensure he is safe as he gets closer to a carriage. “Look how cool she is as she rests herself in the final second. From Grandma back to Queen,” wrote the influencer According2Taz.

The monarch went through a tough time after her son Prince Andrew and Prince Charles found themselves caught in controversies.

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While Andrew was sued in the US for raping a girl, Prince Andrew’s charity also came under investigation over donations. Royal fans have always expressed sympathy for the longest-serving British monarch, who they think deserves better for serving her country for seven decades.

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