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All royal women must wear this constricting accessory to every public outing.


After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had to follow a whole new set of new royal rules.

These were no new rules but for Meghan Markle, it was a whole new package.

Initially, Meghan Markle was new to all these royal rules and traditions, so she made a few mistakes initially. But, as time passed and she gained experience and became as sophisticated as the other female royal members. 

Members of the royal family like Prince Charles, Prince William or Kate Middleton aren’t supposed to sign autographs. All the members of the royal family truly have a strict protocol to follow during any public outings they attend.

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Recently, we have learned that women of the royal households have to follow an additional rule for public outings.

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Wondering what it is? Well here is your answer.

Royal family expert, Victoria Arbiter told The Royal UK that Queen Elizabeth only has one strict fashion rule for women. And while it’s constricting, it’s not as overt as you might think.

Victoria Arbiter said: “You will never see a royal without their nude stockings. Meghan, from what I can see in her engagement pictures, it doesn’t really look like she was wearing tights or any stockings. I would say that it’s really the only hard, steadfast rule in terms of what Queen Elizabeth requires”.

So it can be very well said that Meghan started following the royal protocols even before her marriage to Harry

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Well, we all can accept the fact that we have seen a gradual change in Meghan Markle’s style ever since her marriage to Prince Harry. But at the same time, what everyone loves about her is her own personal and unique blend of style.

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