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Royal menu revealed: Prince William’s school meals at Eton


Eton College, a prestigious boarding school in England, has a long-standing tradition of serving sumptuous meals to its students.

William, like other students, would have experienced a unique dining experience during his years at Eton.

Both Prince Harry and William attended Eton College, along with all noteworthy names including Boris Johnson. The school fees at this prestigious school are believed to be up to £48,501 per year. And with people paying those large sums to send their children to school, you can imagine the food served up is pretty good!

Students eat food made by world-class chefs, and Prince Harry and William would’ve feasted on some very fine fare during their time at the school. For breakfast, the school admits they will “make everything from scratch,” and start the day off with “fresh bread.”

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The website adds: “Boys love the huge variety of foods, starting with breakfast, which features cereals, a porridge bar, homemade granola, a cooked selection, continental meats and cheeses and a different smoothie each day and, incredibly, nine types of milk!”

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The catering company at Eton is named Sodexo, and, describing the lunches on offer they say they like to combine traditional and cutting-edge foods from around the world.

“The [boys’] favourites remain roast Dingley Dell pork, lasagne, lamb kleftiko and Jamaican jerk chicken with plantain. “Lunch and dinner also present boys with a most amazing salad bar and on Saturday evenings, they enjoy new flavour profiles with a street food theme.”

And dinner just sounds just as good, with students feasting on “British-grown and produced foods” with an “interest in international cuisine.”

So, will William and Harry’s little ones be following in their footsteps? Well, according to a royal commentator, Prince George won’t go to boarding school full-time like his dad. The expert told The Royal UK that William and Catherine are casting their net wider than just schools traditionally favoured by the Royal Family and Ludgrove is not currently in the running for George.

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“It’s my understanding for some time, possibly even before George was even born, was that William was quite keen that any child he had wouldn’t be packed off to boarding school,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe tells The Royal UK.

“Eton for William and Harry wasn’t an unhappy time, apart from the fact it was when their mother died, which means William doesn’t blame the school or the experience of boarding.

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