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The royal fashion accessory that Prince William and Kate have inherited from the Queen


The Queen had one to match every outfit and favoured a see-through option to ensure nobody missed her.

Queen Elizabeth’s trusty birdcage umbrella by royal warrant holder Fulton Umbrellas was always at hand in case of a sudden downpour or drizzly walkabout.

On many occasions, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, were spotted donning Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Umbrella. During their famous trip to France in 2012, the couple opted for a pair with white trim.

The Royal UK sat down with Nigel Fulton, CEO of Fulton Umbrellas to find out more about the Queen’s favourite wet-weather accessory… At the start of each season, Nigel was approached by the Queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser Angela Kelly, to design bespoke brollies for the monarch. Her Majesty favoured the transparent birdcage style, a love she inherited from the Queen Mother who was the first royal to carry a Fulton umbrella.

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“The Queen’s senior dresser used to send us swatches of material or colour chips to match the coloured border on the birdcage umbrellas,” said Nigel. “We then produce samples for their approval and if no further changes are needed we make up the finished umbrellas.

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Queen Elizabeth with her favourite wet-weather accessory, Fulton Umbrellas.

“Everything we produced for the Queen was bespoke. The specifications were slightly different and the colours were also unique and they did not form part of our regular collection.”

Fulton Umbrellas held a royal warrant to the Queen, and previously the Queen Mother, for years. So is it still exciting to see members of the royal family carrying a birdcage? “Very much so!” said Nigel, whose father Arnold Fulton set up the business in Whitechapel in 1956. “It’s such an honour to supply umbrellas to the royal family and our usage seems to be getting wider every year.”

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Nigel added that the royal warrant has had “a huge impact on sales,” which is particularly noticeable in their overseas markets such as Canada, where the royals have a vast following.

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