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Royal Affair: Queen Elizabeth speaks out on Margaret’s affair.


Queen Elizabeth revealed facts about Princess Margaret’s royal affair with a man, 17 years her junior to her.

She revealed it all in a documentary, entitled Elizabeth: Our Queen, in a shocking revelation.

Queen Elizabeth thanked one of the Countess of Snowdon’s closest friends for introducing her to Roddy Llewellyn. He was the man 17 years junior to Princess Margaret that whom she had an affair.

Lady Anne Glenconner stated in the documentary:

“It was difficult for Her Majesty, and I felt rather guilty always having to introduce Roddy to Princess Margaret. But, after her funeral, Queen Elizabeth, said: I would just like to say that, Anne, it was rather difficult at moments. But, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing Margaret to Roddy. Why? Because he made her really happy”.

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Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones in the year 1960.

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However, in the year 1974, Margaret invited Mr Llewellyn to her holiday home in Mustique. That visit was among the other several visits. According to our research, she was happy with him and was able to enjoy her life to the fullest.

But, the happiness did not last for very long: There came a particular period when Roddy, who was 17 years her junior travelled to Turkey. Having to experience this, Margaret struggled to cope and overdosed on sleeping tablets.

She, later on, described herself as being ‘exhausted because of everything. She even mentioned one most depressing statement saying, ‘that all she wanted to do was sleep’.

This royal affair hit all the tabloids quite hard: In February 1976, there was a picture of the pair which emerged on a Mustique beach. The speculation about the two begins to take its peak. It was later revealed that the marriage between Princess Margaret and the Earl of Snowdon has fallen apart. On July 11 1978, the divorce between the pair took place. 

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After going through all this, Princess Margaret was found ill which brought an end to her life. She was hit with a mild stroke in 1998 before suffering another in 2002 at the age of 71, which finally killed her.

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