Princess Charlotte

The real reason why William & Kate decided not to name Charlotte after the late Queen

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, although only eight years old, is already a fan favourite, stealing the spotlight at any engagement she takes part in.

Be it her signature sass or her outgoing and cheerful personality, Charlotte has already captured the hearts of millions.

As she grows up, fans have started to notice how much she used to resemble her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, when she was that age. That is quite fitting as her parents have thought about giving Princess Charlotte a name after her great-grandmother, but in the end, it didn’t happen.

A Channel 5 documentary, titled ‘Secrets of the Royal Palaces’, goes into more depth on how the Cambridge couple got to the decision of naming their daughter. It turns out that Kate and William decided against naming their first daughter Elizabeth due to security fears.

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Another option they considered but eventually didn’t go with is naming her after her deceased grandmother, Princess Diana. So they decided to go with a sort of compromise, and still managed to honour both of the women by christening her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

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Speaking on the Channel 5 documentary, Richard Kay, a Daily Mail royal journalist and columnist, said: “I think [William] very wisely decided not to give Charlotte his mother’s name as her first name. Everything she did and said would have been compared with her. By giving Diana as the middle name, it means Diana is still there.”

Meanwhile, Emily Andrews, royal editor of the Mail on Sunday, added: “William has spoken about the loss of his mother and the impact it had. He thinks about her pretty much every day and he wants to keep his mother’s memory alive.”

Princess Charlotte’s connection to her late grandmother, Princess Diana, and her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is not unique within the royal family. Her cousin, the daughter of Harry and Meghan, was given the name Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, where “Lilibet” is a loving variation of the Queen’s first name, Elizabeth. Interestingly, a documentary sheds light on the fact that the same church in Sandringham, where Charlotte was christened, was also the very place where Princess Diana received her own christening in 1961.

This choice of venue sets Princess Charlotte apart from her brothers, who were both christened at St. James’s Palace. It reflects Prince William’s appreciation for symbolism. He has made it clear that he wanted Diana to be a part of the journey he embarked on with Kate. This inclusion of Diana began with his choice of giving Kate his mother’s engagement ring. It continued at Charlotte’s christening, where they selected the very church where Diana herself was christened.

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This thoughtful gesture by Kate and William serves as a heartwarming homage to the late Princess Diana, offering Charlotte a unique and special connection to the grandmother she never had the chance to meet.

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