Queen Elizabeth

Why Queen Elizabeth is the world’s most famous introvert?


Queen Elizabeth comes under intense scrutiny, and yet being a classic introvert she handles the attention well.

Queen Elizabeth has been in the eyes of the public since the day she was born.

It became a much bigger thing when she became the Queen of the United Kingdom. Her Majesty has only given one interview while a sovereign. Her true personality? That is indeed a debatable topic. It remains tricky to the public. However, one thing is clear. Queen Elizabeth is an introvert.

Here are some signs which will make you realise, that you are an introvert too: Introverts are one of those people who prefer quiet environments. They feel energised from spending time alone or with people they know quite well.

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Introverts aren’t necessarily shy, but they do tend to be more reserved and guarded with strangers. Fellow introverts will probably appreciate how draining an average day for Queen Elizabeth must be.

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Fortunately, the Queen has some tricks to make public engagements easier: Just like we commoners rely on friends and family to save us from awkward situations or boring conversations, she does it too. Her Majesty subtly signals to her staff when she wants an intervention.

If she places her handbag on the table, it indicates that she wants the event to end in the next five minutes. For more urgent and serious situations, putting her bag on the floor shows that she wants her lady-in-waiting to rescue her immediately. 

A major part of Queen Elizabeth’s life is her corgis: 

Her Majesty has confessed she relies on the company of her corgis. Not only do they offer her unconditional love, but they also serve as a way for her to break the ice with hundreds of strangers she is around. Walking them on the grounds of her palace truly gives her time alone to introspect herself. It is quite essential to an introvert’s mental health.

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Introverts take time to process their thoughts: Behind the tough walls, the Queen has built for herself while she is in public, those closest to her say that she is warm and friendly. Along with being a loving mother and grandmother, she’s a loyal friend with a wicked sense of humour to rival her extroverted husband’s humour.

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