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The Queen won’t allow this thing in Princess Beatrice Wedding

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice is drawing closer and closer to her happy day. But with it comes more royal rules that the Queen’s granddaughter must follow.

This even includes one thing which the monarch won’t allow at Princess Beatrice reception.

Further details regarding Princess Beatrice’s wedding in may have been released, one aspect of it not being “allowed” by the Queen, according to royal commentator Angela Mollard. The high-profile wedding is being held at St James’ Palace.

It has a capacity of only 150-200 people against 800 that Windsor Castle’s chapel had for Eugenie and Meghan and Harry’s wedding. The reception will be held at Buckingham Palace, but not actually inside the Palace.

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Ms Mollard told her podcast audiences: “I can imagine why they don’t want people around the Palace.”

“It, apparently, will have a bearing on the photographs. This will be because Queen Elizabeth won’t allow photographs of the couple inside the Palace. I will be very keen to see where they’re photographed when they actually release.”

“There’s no talk about the wedding being televised.” She continued: “We’ll definitely see them going from the chapel to Buckingham Palace in the car. “Also we might see her arriving at the church unless she’s staying at St James’ Palace.

“I believe there’s going to be limit on the pictures that we are going to see.“This is pretty much the kind of wedding that she fancies.” She further added: “She wants it small, enclosed family members and not celebrities.

And can anyone blame her at the moment, when her dad’s in the spotlight?” Prince Andrew is supposed to attend the wedding and walk his daughter down the aisle. On a lighter note, Ms Mollard also joked about the “crass” elements of the wedding reception. She said: “The reception is essentially being held in a posh tent.

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“I was thinking about the restroom situation. “In the month of May, Britain rains all the time, May’s likely to rain as it’s spring. “I was just thinking do you have a port-a-loo when you have a royal wedding? It seems a bit crass, doesn’t it?” We all are eagerly waiting for Princess Beatrice wedding, aren’t we?

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