Queen Elizabeth

The Queen may have secretly trolled Donald Trump in this subtle way.

Donald Trump

While the UK was protesting Donald Trump’s visit, the Queen was pictured smiling and shaking his hand. But, there’s one tiny detail we may have missed. 

When it comes to Her Majesty’s outfits, there are rarely any accidents.

So, the 92-year-old reigning monarch’s decision to incorporate one minor accessory into her outfit on that day has left the majority of people convinced she was throwing some sneaky shade.

How can we say this? 

On the day he arrived in the United Kingdom, the Queen donned a beautiful vintage green flower brooch. This brooch happens to be a gift to her from former US President, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The brooch which is an American-made accessory was crafted in the year 1950. And, it is made from 14-carat yellow gold, diamonds, and moss agate.

This was something Queen Elizabeth did deliberately. 

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We noted that Her Majesty deliberately chose the most sentimental piece in her collection. It was a personal present from the Obama’s, not one of the many state gifts she’s been given by the US over the years.

On Trump’s last day in the UK, she debuted the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch. It was given to her just last year as a special gift from Canada. Although, some believe it was a show of support for the nation and its leader, Justin Trudeau.

But that wasn’t the only potential shade thrown at the Trumps.

In another thread, we observed that the brooch may actually have been just the tip of the iceberg. Royal state dinners have been held in Europe in a form we recognise today for at least 1500 years. 

Normally, state dinners are held at the invitation of the head of state. And usually, the Queen offers the invitation, in consultation with UK government. But, Her Majesty was not at the state dinner with Trump.

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Also, the dinner was held at Blenheim. This is the only actual palace in England that is not owned by the Anglican Church or the Royal Family. In short, Queen Elizabeth didn’t want Trump in her house.

It follows reports that Prince Charles and Prince William left the Queen alone to meet Trump. 

According to some reports, Charles and William told her they did not want to get involved in his four-day visit. However, Buckingham Palace responded that as his trip was a guest-of-government visit, additional members of the royal family weren’t required to show up.