Queen Elizabeth

Why Queen Elizabeth is rarely seen wearing trousers?


When have you seen Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, wearing trousers and not a dress? Ever wondered what could be the reason? 

But, why do you think the Queen never or hardly wears trousers?

Perhaps, the Queen has only been pictured wearing trousers eight times, and it’s all because of the protocol. You will have a hard time remembering even one because it’s a very rare sight to catch Her Majesty in anything but a skirt or a dress. 

During her reign, and even before, she has made the majority of her public appearances in brightly-coloured dresses. Trousers have never been part of her usual ensemble. Wondering why? Because traditions dictate that royal women simply do not wear them when on duty.

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However, Meghan Markle already broke this royal tradition while with the Queen: Meghan Markle broke broken this tradition by bringing things up to date and wearing pants on many official engagements with the Queen & Prince Harry.

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Queen Elizabeth however, has only been pictured in trousers less than a dozen times. Going all the way back to when she was 14, through to a royal family cruise in 2010 you won’t see many photos of her royal highness in trousers.

She does occasionally sport a pair of trousers: Queen Elizabeth was spotted wearing trousers when she was on a royal cruise that took place twelve years ago. She and Prince Philip embarked on a 10-day cruise around the western Scottish isles on a ship called Hebridean Princess.

There were a few more occasions when Her Majesty was pictured wearing pants. Once in a pale green pants suit and the second time she wore black pants and a dark purple jacket.

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Of course, behind closed doors, it could be a totally different story: But the royal protocol must be adhered to. And the royals have a very strict set of guidelines to follow in order to maintain consistency across their public appearances.

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