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The Queen revealed how mischievous George and Charlotte really are


Christmas will not be the same this year but everyone’s eagerly waiting for the Queen’s Christmas speech.

The family’s Christmas tree tradition is something we can definitely relate to.

The Queen has given a small insight into how she and her family celebrate Christmas in a documentary. Her Majesty has revealed how her youngest great-grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte love to help decorate the Christmas tree and knock the decorations off even more.

Mr Neil Turner, a senior castle attendant talked about Queen’s splendid Christmas tree. Listening to this, Her Majesty remarks: “It’s an interesting fat one isn’t it”? When Turner tells Queen Elizabeth that he painstakingly decorated the tree, the monarch says: “Yes, that is always the problem. The children love knocking those decorations off”. “Well, my great-grandchildren do anyway enjoy themselves. And the best part about it is to make them decorate it but they’re a bit more careful. It always looks jolly though”.

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Prince William and Duchess Kate’s eldest child has exhibited a very cheeky habit that is assumed to have been passed down to him from his father and late grandmother, Princess Diana. The urge to uncover the wrapping on his presents often gets the better of Prince George before the big day. 

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“Princes George is really excited about it (Christmas) and he is already opening his presents,” said the Queen. She further added “He thought it quite funny. That’s kids for you, even the ones that are princes!” It’s a habit that Prince William himself and even his mother Prince Diana were both guilty of in their times. So, William may have to think twice before scolding the young royal as he used to do the same when he was a child.

It is for the documentary which explores Queen Elizabeth’s Commonwealth Canopy project. The project is creating a network of forest conservation initiatives across all 53 Commonwealth countries to mark Her Majesty’s lifetime’s service to the Commonwealth. With preserving natural habitat for future generations.

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The programme captures the pair walking through Buckingham Palace’s garden last summer. The Queen also disclosed to Attenborough about the one gift she always receives. 

While discussing plants, the broadcaster says: “I imagine you must be given a lot of roses”. To which the Queen replied: “I’ve been quite difficult to give presents to, so they’ve said, ‘Oh, let’s give her a plant”. Good thing the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate decided to give her homemade chutney as a Christmas gift.

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