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Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with her two Great-grandchildren.


Duchess Kate has revealed the relationship of Queen Elizabeth with one of her two great-grandchildren.

In an old candid interview, Kate Middleton talked about the Queen’s close relationship with her two children.

Duchess Kate, who was dressed in a regal blue outfit for the interview said Queen Elizabeth was delighted when she and her husband Prince William welcomed Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Queen Elizabeth’s bond with Princess Charlotte

The Queen was really thrilled to know that it was a little girl. Kate Middleton also said that she thinks that as soon as they came back to Kensington Palace, Queen Elizabeth was one of their first visitors. We all already know that Princess Charlotte is the ultimate mini-me of Queen Elizabeth due to her resemblance with her Great-grandmother.

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Queen Elizabeth is more than happy when she is with Princess Charlotte. She likes to play with her and can even talk to her whole day and all night long. 

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Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Charlotte

Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with Prince George

If we talk about Kate Middleton’s firstborn, Prince George it’s quite simple.  The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton revealed that her son calls his Queen great-grandmother “Gan-Gan”.

Prince George with Queen Elizabeth.

Kate also said that The Queen loves Prince George a lot and really like spending time with him. The Queen says, Prince George reminds her of Prince William’s childhood. Also, it feels as if she is re-living it all. 

Kate also shared how doting the Queen-grandmother is to her great-grandchildren. As she always leaves a little surprise in the room where she, Prince George and Princess Charlotte stay.

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Queen Elizabeth is known for her genteel but too much stern facade to the public. Some may be surprised that the Queen has a very soft spot for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Queen Elizabeth loves both her great-grandchildren and is blessed to have them.

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    UK is an heaven of Earth.The ROYAL FAMILY UK is the best honourable family in the World.

  2. Nancy Edwards says:

    Both Charlotte and George resemble their maternal grandfather.

  3. Margit krubert says:

    Sorry everybody But
    I find that liter Georg is the same face like his grandfather -the father of Kate

  4. Mrs Heather L. Grady says:

    Young children and elderly grandparents have a special
    Bond. My lovely angel is Summer, almost four years old.
    It has shown that the very young and the elderly , are
    Very compatible and make strong loving bonds. I. Hope that you agree. Love from Granny x

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