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Queen Elizabeth preferring Meghan Markle over Kate Middleton in the royal feud?

Meghan Markle

At the annual Royal Ascot, when Queen Elizabeth stepped out of her carriage, it was no surprise to see her beaming. But her smile grew even bigger. But, when? 

It was when she spoke to one person, in particular, that day, Meghan Markle.

A royal source told The Royal UK:-

“The Queen was happy to have the Duchess of Sussex by her side. Since Meghan married Prince Harry, she and Her Majesty have become very close”. 

“Queen Elizabeth has really gotten to know Prince Harry’s bride and finds her utterly charming. She thinks everything about her represents the future of the British monarchy”.

But, as the Queen, turns her attention to Meghan, she’s stepped into the middle of a rivalry between the two brides.  

Both the royal brides have a tense relationship right now, and Kate is extremely bitter that Her Majesty is choosing sides. 

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The source adds: “She’s beginning to feel more and more shoved out now that Meghan’s in the picture. Though the Duchess of Cambridge has been in the family far longer, she isn’t as close to the Queen as Meghan is now”.

The monarch isn’t hiding her preference for Meghan. Unlike Kate, who had to wait until she married Prince William, Meghan was invited to join the royal family’s Christmas celebrations when she and Prince Harry were merely engaged.

Then came the solo public appearance.

Then, in less than a month, Her Majesty invited the Meghan to join her on a solo trip to Chester. Kate Middleton had to wait nearly a year after her nuptials to go on a solo engagement with Queen Elizabeth.

The source then adds: “Kate and the Queen have more of a formal relationship. Kate Middleton is reserved and stiff in Her Majesty’s presence, unlike Meghan. Meghan is always herself”.

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The Queen finds this thing about the Duchess of Sussex refreshing.

The queen adores Meghan Markle’s warm personality, intelligence, and sense of humour. Things went so well on their solo trip that, she was invited again to join the monarch, at Young Leaders Awards.

Our source tells us: “Behind the scenes, they’re even closer. Meghan has been to Buckingham Palace to have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth. And, they gossip about all kinds of things”.