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Queen and Philip: Our son, Charles has embarrassed us. But how?


Charles enraged Prince Philip and repeatedly frustrated Buckingham Palace with his ‘Prince-for-sale’ approach towards friendship and finances.

He infuriated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as he became a ‘rent-a-royal’.

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Prince Charles would regularly meet and befriend ‘those willing to pay enough money’, claimed by a new book. The Queen and Prince Philip were so embarrassed by his son’s behaviour they even tried to intervene.

However, Prince Charles would ignore warnings from royal aides and his family alike.

While enjoying himself, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son would also raise millions for charity. That often employed somewhat bizarre tactics to meet his fundraising goals.

The book also claims about Charles’ lucrative relationship. This left royal family members angry and Whitehall officials embarrassed. He wrote: “Gaining access to Prince Charles never actually seemed to be a problem for the super-rich. For those willing to pay enough money, it could be managed”.

Mr Bower claimed, he would often go for new and rich friends. One of them were controversial Turkish billionaire, Cem Uzan. 

Mr Bower wrote: “Prince Charles, of course, could not be seen to be openly selling access to himself. So, on his master’s behalf, he told Uzan that his wife Alara could sit next to the Prince at a dinner”. 

There was just one condition. What was it?

The condition was that, Uzan would donate £200,000. And, Uzan was in. He and his wife were repeatedly invited to royal events and occasions. 

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One palace official said: “Buckingham Palace has become increasingly alarmed. In Queen Elizabeth’s opinion, her son ignored the boundary between his charities and his constitutional position”.

However, Prince Philip was even more incensed. He actually charged his son with damaging the public’s trust by allowing the rich to buy access to him.