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The Queen & Kate are sharing ideas on how to keep kids occupied during lockdown


We all know about Kate but who would have thought Queen Elizabeth was a full-blown ‘Pinterest Mom’?

Queen Elizabeth is very keen and interested to help parents keep their young ones busy and entertained.

This might look not possible but the queen is actually helping parents while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Queen is herself home-isolating at Windsor Castle. It seems she (or her team) has been busy coming up with few entertaining ideas for little kids to try during these isolating times.

Taking to the official royal Twitter account this week, a brand unique initiative for children was published. “Each Monday, we’ll be sharing fun exercises and learning resources for your kids to enjoy at home,” the Tweet stated.

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For the initial week of the latest, unprecedented action, the challenge was to create your own Investiture medal.

See the tweet below:

The Royal Collection Trust also created a special worksheet for children to use whilst making their own masterpieces. The Tweet also outlined some fun facts for children to learn more about Investitures – something the Queen is heavily involved with by presenting them to various recipients throughout the year.

It actually sounds pretty fun – perhaps an afternoon activity? You can download the worksheet here.

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did a Zoom video call.

Kate and Will took to the World Wide Web to fulfil their royal duties while enjoying as well, inside the Palace.

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If this expertly chopped together video has taught me anything it’s that I had never heard Duchess Catherine speak before. Not even once. Kate Middleton also refers to herself as ‘Catherine’ in the entire video. It is both surprising and entirely suggestive of the fact that the British royal family are ~very posh. This we know. It is not surprising.

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