The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth: Harry and Meghan’s daughters will not be given any titles.


Harry and Meghan received their new titles recently, on their wedding day. The new royal couple were given the titles of ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’.

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed their future plans, that included expanding their family.

Said that, all things come to what their future children be called as? Forget what you are thinking, because that’s not something happening here. Things will be different this time.

The brand new titles Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received from Queen Elizabeth can only be passed on to a future son. This means any daughters they might have, will not inherit any title.

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Wondering what is it all about? 

Well, when they were married, Queen Elizabeth made the couple the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But, the dukedom can only be inherited by a male heir. And, if they don’t have any boys, then the title will simply die out.

Meghan has already said in the past that both she and Harry are feminists. And her “About” page on the royal family’s website underscores the importance of her being a champion of female empowerment.

Changes regarding male and female heirs have been made before.

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All thanks to the ‘Succession to the Crown Act 2013’, birth order determines who will become the next king or queen of the U.K, regardless of gender. Had it not been in place, Princess Charlotte would have lost her spot to Prince Louis. 

These amendments took place for the first time, when Kate Middleton and Prince William were their first born, Prince George. But, rules governing the peerage have remained the same since the start, giving priority to boys. And inheritance laws do not just pertain to royals.