Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Harry THIS amazing new job as Christmas gift.


2017 has been a pretty big year for Prince Harry. He got engaged, which made him the future Mr Meghan Markle. His wedding date is out. Soon he will marry the true love of his life.

And now, he has got a great new job as well.

Her Majesty has approved her grandson, Harry’s appointment as the new ‘Captain General Royal Marines’. This was announced by the Buckingham Palace yesterday. 

Since the very start i.e since the year 1953, groom-to-be’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh has held this very position. But, we all know that Prince Philip has retired from all his royal and public duties in August this year.

So now, Prince Harry has been selected to take over his grandfather’s position. We think he will handle it very well.

Harry did not need to hand-in a resume and cover letter to land this new job.

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All his qualifications speak for themselves. Not only did he reach the rank of Captain during his ten years of service in the army with tours to Afghanistan, but he also ‘continues to work in support of his fellow army men’.

He promotes the support for wounded men and women as they adapt to their life post-injury.

It’s still unclear about what kind of responsibilities the position will require.

According to some recent reports, Prince Philip often paid his warm visits to the Marines on exercise in Norway and also at their headquarters in Plymouth. Now, by looking at that, we can pretty much assume his grandson will perform the similar duties.

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He will now soon be planning his wedding and serving as the new Captain-General. These signs tell us that Prince Harry will have his hands full in the year 2018.

The Royal UK wishes him all the best for his life ahead.