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Queen Elizabeth’s favourite child revealed – and definitely it’s not Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are mum and dad to Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

According to one royal expert, she has an “obvious” favourite and it’s not Prince Charles.

While most of us see the Queen as a dedicated monarch who has led her country for 70 years, to her four children she is just mum. According to one royal expert, Queen Elizabeth has an “obvious” favourite. Now, we know what your answer would be.

And, it is not what you think: The eldest royal couple fell pregnant with the Prince of Wales shortly after their wedding. And Princess Anne followed just a year later. But there was then an 11-year gap before the next royal baby. And during those years, King George VI died and Princess Elizabeth became the Queen.

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In Jeremy Paxman’s new documentary, the journalist spoke to royal historian Piers Brendon. Mr Brendon believes Prince Andrew is Her Majesty’s favourite child. Most assume Charles is in the top spot as he’s set to follow in her footsteps as monarch. However, Piers claims there is a very specific reason why Andrew beats him in Queen Elizabeth’s eyes.

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Speaking on Paxman on the Queen’s Children he says Andrew was an “action man”. He said: “Andrew skipped university and went straight to naval college. And this went down well with his naval officer father. He completed the Marines Commando course”.

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“And, it was just to show that he could, before qualifying as a helicopter pilot. Then, aged just 22, he fought in the Falklands. And so, it’s pretty clear that Prince Andrew is obviously Queen Elizabeth’s favourite son. He was heroic during the Falklands War. It’s clear that she has a soft spot for him”.

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