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Queen Elizabeth unhappy after Harry and Meghan decides to quit

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, royal reporters and fans were shocked when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent out a strong statement.

Queen Elizabeth opens up after the couple announced that they were stepping back from their royal roles.

(Other life changes mentioned in the statement include plans to live part-time in North America, and the intention to become financially independent from the monarchy.) Now, it is said that even fellow royals may not have been clued before making any announcement. No other member of the Royal Family was consulted prior to the release of their statement.

Earlier an official statement from Queen Elizabeth’s office at Buckingham Palace says “Discussions with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage”. “We completely understand their desire. The couple wants to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through.”

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The Royal UK understands that Queen Elizabeth is ” very much disappointed.'”

Queen Elizabeth is infuriated about the way Duke and Duchess of Sussex have handled this. The couple only raised the issue a week ago. The family said they would work to find a way to help them facilitate what they wanted.

Queen  Elizabeth, a 93-year old woman, has served her country with the highest honour and dignity. She needs to find out why her grandson had released a statement announcing his decision to ‘go solo’? Buckingham Palace’s statement tonight is an unprecedented rap on the knuckles. One insider told The Royal UK: ‘The Queen doesn’t deserve this.’ Charles and William are equally astonished and can’t see how it is beneficial to anyone.

Most inside the royal household think Harry and Meghan will continue work with one foot inside the royal family and the other in the world of commerce. Complicated, indeed. But with their website, Meghan and Harry attempted to get out ahead of the onslaught of questions that would inevitably follow their announcement.

The site is interestingly designed by Article. The same company used by the likes of Hypebeast and Diane Von Furstenberg. It contains copious text explaining the ins and outs of the couple’s move towards financial independence.

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The Palace claims that their conversations with the couple “at an early stage”. But it looks like things may not be as settled as they appear on