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Queen Elizabeth’s special Christmas speech: 2019 was ‘quite bumpy”


The Queen has honoured one of her most unwavering traditions: her annual “Queen’s Speech” on Christmas.

The path, of course, is not always easy. “Quite a few no. of times this year I have felt bumpy. But these small steps can make a world of difference,” she said on the eve of Christmas.

The monarch who is very religious shares words of reflection every year as she commemorates the holiday. Queen Elizabeth recorded the speech in her Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle with family photos.

In this year’s special speech, she addressed the 75th anniversary of D-Day. She started by saying, “in the true spirit of reconciliation, those who had formerly been sworn enemies came together in friendly commemorations . . . putting past differences behind them.”

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Queen Elizabeth was also seen wearing a royal blue cashmere dress by her go-to dresser, Angela Kelly. Adding to her beauty was the look of the diamond-and-sapphire Prince Albert brooch. The brooch was given by Albert to Queen Victoria in 1840 on the eve of their wedding. Queen Elizabeth also talked about the life of Jesus and the importance of reconciliation. She said, “how many small steps are taken in faith and in hope can overcome long-held differences and deep-seated divisions to bring harmony and understanding.

The prominent photos visible during the speech were: a portrait of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall commemorating the 50th anniversary of Charles, Investiture as Prince of Wales; a family portrait of Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis; a photo of Prince Philip from the Queen’s personal collection; and a vintage photo of the Queen with the Apollo 11 astronauts at Buckingham Palace in 1970.

Not pictured is the Queen’s youngest great-grandchild, Archie, who was born in May to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Across many homes around the world, watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day is a holiday tradition. In the year 2012, Queen Elizabeth recorded her message in 3D for the first time. That happened exactly 80 years after her grandfather King George V gave his first speech, beginning the royal tradition.

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Queen Elizabeth also talked about technology and it’s importance. She was quoted “To take advantage of the new life without losing the best of the old”. The Queen also goes on to discuss the royal tours she and Prince Philip undertook and the huge welcome they received. She ended by saying “I hope that the coming year may bring you God’s blessing and all the things you long for. And so I wish you all, young and old, wherever you may be, all the fun and enjoyment and the peace of a very happy Christmas.”