Queen Elizabeth

Who is Queen Elizabeth’s secret new best friend? Know him here.

Queen Elizabeth

This new and secret best friend of Queen Elizabeth is a cute and sweet one. Her majesty and her best friend met at Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. 

Must be wondering who this best friend is? Well, it’s the Duchess of Sussex’s pet.

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Though, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has a lot on her plate these days, it seems she doesn’t have to worry about her dog assimilating to life as a royal. Her dog is a rescue beagle named Guy. 

How do we know about this new best friend?

As soon as Meghan exchanged vows with Prince Harry, she was officially crowned the Duchess of Sussex. This also makes her sweet and little Guy the first American royal dog. Guy moved to the United Kingdom with Meghan last year. 


It was the time when she relocated to be with her prince-charming, Harry. And now, it looks like he’s taking to the transition very well. An eagle-eyed photographer snapped a shot of Guy in the backseat of a car the day before the wedding.

He was with none other than Queen Elizabeth herself. 

It is also rumoured that Guy made an appearance at the royal wedding reception. He was enjoying bits of food that fell on the floor beneath guests’ feet. Well, of course, it hasn’t officially been confirmed by the Palace that it was Guy in that car. 

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But, we’ve done some digging too. And, we’re extremely confident that it was the 17-pound rescue pup. Well, upon their first meeting, the Duke of Sussex, Harry joked: “For the last 33 years, I’ve been barked at. And this one? He just walks in, and absolutely nothing. All e does is wag his tail”.