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Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles; Truth about royals’ purple hands

Queen Elizabeth

Two pictures of Queen Elizabeth have revealed something inescapable & no one is ready to deal with it. But, it’s coming nonetheless.

We need to talk about Queen Elizabeth’s purple hand.

So, have you ever heard of Cornelia James? Well, we don’t think you have. However, if you are a woman who:

a) knows exactly how Queen Elizabeth likes her Gin and Dubonnet
b) had to put a coronet next to your husband’s name on your phone,

then there is a good chance you are a Windsor and therefore know Cornelia James’ number by heart.

Confusing, surprising, isn’t it? Well, that’s because, for years, Her Majesty and other royal female members have been buying their gloves from this brand. And gloves, after hats, are surely the most ubiquitous yet redundant accessory that royal ladies get to spend their waking hours wearing.

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And so, this makes it all the more curious that the Queen, a woman who can rightly wear gloves, and not raise an eyebrow, decided to pose for a photo, a few years ago, with King Abdullah and Queen Noor of Jordan with bare hands. Thus, revealing a massively bruised left hand.

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News of the curious injury instantly made headlines around the world: Buckingham Palace did not comment on what might have caused the huge purple mark. However, the symbolism of it could not have been clearer. The image of Queen Elizabeth’s hurt hand was a particularly dignified and regal memento mori. She was 92 back then.

But, she is not the only royal who’s paws we need to talk about. Last month, Prince Charles took a break from reading Goethe to his organic highland sheep. It was to attend a function for his Prince’s Trust. There he was photographed looking quite delighted to meet a slew of British morning television stars while clutching a drink.

But the really eye-catching feature was his hands: They appeared to be quite swollen and red. However, the pictures were a reminder that Prince Charles is no spring chicken. Well, no matter how the coming years play out for both Her Majesty and her first born, the Prince of Wales, Charles, the Crown will change hands.

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It would be tragic if history repeats itself. As in the case of Queen Elizabeth, a family death meant he was torn away from his young family to have to open parliaments and sit for portraits and to knight people.

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