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Queen Elizabeth talks about her and Prince Harry’s special bond.

Queen Elizabeth

On 19th May 2018, Prince Harry married the love of his life. But, there’s another special woman in his life. It’s his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. 

Queen Elizabeth shares her bond with her dearest grandson.

Like every grandmother, Queen Elizabeth loves her grandchildren. But, the British monarch appears to have a soft corner for Prince Harry. Over the years, Harry and Her majesty have been pictured joking and laughing with each other.

And, their special bond only seemed to strengthen until Prince Harry decided to quit the royal family in 2020. But is he the Queen’s favourite? Speculation was that he is the favourite royal grandchild till now.

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About the relationship between the Queen and William: Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with William is thought to be more serious because she’s preparing him to be the future king. However, as it’s unlikely Harry will ever sit on the throne, they are able to be more relaxed around each other.

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On asking our royal source, he said: “Harry and Queen Elizabeth had a more fun granny-to-grandson relationship. William is going to become king. And so, there has been a very close relationship between William and Her Majesty. 

“It’s half family and half business. There are things, she’s teaching William that she also taught her son, Prince Charles. Prince William is in a very different role. He was born for this job.

The sources added “For Harry and the Queen, it’s always been quite obvious. As soon as William and Kate started to have children, Harry’s chances of becoming king had gone down.

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On asking Queen Elizabeth about their relationship, she said: “Well, yes, that’s true. I have given a lot more freedom to Harry than William. But, both William and Harry are very close to me”. “This bond we share is very special and unique. Harry has always been a grandson who would always be in good spirits and I hope this continues forever”.

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