Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s funniest moments caught on camera.


Memories are to be captured forever with us. What makes those memories more memorable is when you capture them at just the right moment. 

We are sure you’ll enjoy these funny pictures of Queen Elizabeth, shot just at the right time.

Whenever a member of the British Royal Family is out in public, they’re anticipated to behave a certain way. They should be elegant, poised, and almost always wear a smile on their face. However, it’s hard for the royals to keep this up with this attitude always. Even Queen Elizabeth has struggled with it on quite a few occasions.

You wouldn’t think that a monarch would ever let themselves be seen behaving casually. Unfortunately, when there are cameras that follow you around everywhere, it’s hard to avoid being caught out from time to time.

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So, here are some of the pictures of Queen Elizabeth captured by photographers at the right time.

  • What’s so funny, eh?

Her Majesty is seen cracking some jokes with her firstborn, Prince Charles during the sack race at the Braemar Gathering.

  • Isn’t this the time to leave?


This picture was taken in the year, 2018. It was the Royal Windsor horse show. The Queen loves horses, but at this particular horse show back in May, she had places to be and some important people to see.

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  • Hey girls! 

Australian hockey player, Jayde Taylor had her selfie photo-bombed by the most unexpected person. It was Queen Elizabeth herself. This picture was taken at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre

  • Rain, rain go away.


This picture was taken in the year, 2013. It was at the Royal Windsor Horse Show when the rain started. And, it seems like Her Majesty is upset about getting wet clothes. 

  • Hey! Don’t do that William.

This picture was taken in the year, 2012. We really wonder what the Duke f Cambridge said or did to cause Her Majesty to make that face. Maybe, he said one of these words that the royal family is never, ever allowed to say.

  • I don’t like this weather.

This picture was taken in the year, 2012. This we can understand. Standing on the grass in high heels isn’t fun for any woman, especially when that woman is a royal. 

  • I am too tired for this.

This picture was taken in the year, 2011. When you work as hard as the Queen, it’s hard to not get caught yawning. It would be better if someone else took the wheel.

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