Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite week of the year revealed.

Queen Elizabeth

Ever imagined about what day, month or what week is Queen Elizabeth’s favourite? Yes, she is a Queen, but this does not mean that she isn’t a human being.

That said, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite week of the year has been revealed by a Royal expert. 

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And, let us tell you that it is not what you would expect. This favourite week is something we would have never guessed. The Royal Ascot gets underway on Tuesday. And, according to Royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams, this is Her Majesty’s favourite week of the year.

Mr Fitzwilliams exclusively told The Royal UK:-

“The coming week is her favourite week of the year. It’s the Royal Ascot. Also, Zara’s baby expected in the summer who will be her seventh great-grandchild and Prince Louis’s christening and Eugenie’s wedding.

““It has indeed been the most important royal year. And, the nation has been delighted as Queen Elizabeth has been on such splendid form and able to do what she does”.

“Her Majesty must be delighted as she contemplates both the high current popularity of the British monarchy and the future seems assured too”.

Her Majesty has attended every day of the meeting for the past 64 years.

The last time Queen Elizabeth missed an event at Royal Ascot was during her own coronation in the year 1953. Her Majesty and the rest of the royal procession will arrive at 2 pm each day.

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The carriages carrying the royal procession will leave Windsor Castle early afternoon. Then, they will enter the racecourse through the golden gates before they pass thousands of onlookers in front of the grandstand.

The royal procession is an old and unique tradition to Royal Ascot which goes back all the way to the year, 1825. People in the royal procession change each day. But, the Queen is often joined by her racing manager, John Warren and husband, Prince Philip.